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If you have received an email titled “Important Changes to Class’ SMSF DataFlow: What It Means for You”, your free ESA SMSFDATAFLOW will be no longer active from 29th February 2020.

You will need to change to another service provider Westpac QuickSuper SMSF Gateway offered by Westpac Bank.

The service is free of charge. And the new ESA is QUICKSUPER and you will need to provide this to your employer after the registration. Otherwise, your employer will not be able to transfer your employer contributions to your SMSF.

To register, please click the link as below:


Again, you only can use QUICKSUPER as the ESA for your SMSF after you finish the registration.

You should be able to download a PDF SMSF Details Notification to provide to your employer or just to advise them your new ESA is QUICKSUPER.

Alternately, you can use the ESA provided by Australia Post and its annual costs are $59.99. To register the ESA offered by Australia Post, please click the link as below:

Self-managed super fund (SMSF) gateway service

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