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SMSF Online Setup

Setting up a SMSF is easy with iCare Super. Simply complete the form below and we will start processing it today. When completing the form, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (03) 9557 4079 for assistance or submit an enquiry online using our Enquiry Now form on the right.

Select Trustee Type:

Trustee 1 /Beneficiary 1 (Compulsory) Trustee 2 /Beneficiary 2 (Compulsory) Trustee 3 /Beneficiary 3 (Optional) Trustee 4 /Beneficiary 4 (Optional)
Proposed Super Name
Proposed Company Name
First Name (as per ATO records)
Middle Name
Personal Email Address
Residential Address
Tax File Number
Date of Birth
Place of Birth if born in Australia, please provide suburb and state. If born overseas, Please provide city and country
Is this trustee an undischarged bankrupt?
Has this trustee ever been convicted for dishonest conduct?
Has this trustee ever received a civil penalty order?
Has this trustee ever been a disqualified person by the regulator (ATO or APRA)?
Is the trustee a Resident of Australia?
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