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Super fund lookup status

Your SMSF status on Super Fund Lookup will determine whether your SMSF can receive rollovers, employer contributions and concession tax rate.

After we set up your SMSF, your SMSF status will appear on Super Fund Lookup.

There are six type of status for a new SMSF:

  • Election to be regulated is being processed: this status is for new SMSF only. This means the ATO is undertaking checks and reviews about all SMSF’s members and trustees details, including their personal tax return lodgement, related business or investment entities tax lodgement, tax debts and anything related to bankruptcy or disqualification etc. This can take from 28 days to 56 days for the ATO to complete.
  • Complying: a complying SMSF can received superannuation guarantee payments and rollovers and also meet the SIS Act standards and is eligible for concession tax rates.
  • Regulation details removed: this means the SMSF can not receive employer contributions and rollovers. It can be due to failure to lodge tax return on time or pass the ATO’s audit for the setup process.
  • Registered: status not determined:  this means you can receive rollovers, transfers or employer contributions.
  • Regulation details withheld: this means you may not be able to receive rollovers and employer contributions. There are many reasons why this may occur and we will call ATO to find out for you. If the status can not be changed to the first one, your SMSF only can receive non-concessional member contributions. 
  • Non-complying: non-complying SMSFs have serious compliance issues and will be subject to 45% tax rate.


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