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iCare Super allows trustees to have any investments in their SMSFs as long as the trust deed, SMSF laws and investment strategy allows. Please note the trust deed we provide to our clients does not have any restrictions on type of investments.

Basically, all the assets listed below are permitted:

  • Cash
  • Term deposits.
  • ASX listed shares (Australian and international)..
  • Managed funds (Australian and international).
  • Listed unit trusts (Australian and international).
  • Shares in private companies with non-related parties.
  • Residential investment property.
  • Commercial property (can be owner occupied).
  • Industrial property.
  • Property purchased with loans (limited recourse borrowing).
  • Property partnerships with non-related parties.
  • Collectibles, artwork
  • Leasing assets
  • Options, warrants, CFDs, cryptocurrency (bitcoin) and other “exotic” investments – these assets are permissible with the investment strategy and trust deed.


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