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Winding up costs

Our costs for winding up an SMSF are fixed.

  1. for a SMSF with individual trustees: $550, in addition to our annual compliance costs;
  2. for a SMSF with corporate trustees: $600, in addition to our annual compliance costs;
  3. for the corporate trustee of the bare trust: $330, in addition to our annual compliance costs.

Please note that these costs are additional to our annual compliance costs and must to be paid upfront before we commence the winding up process for trustees.

These costs will cover all the necessary compliance work required to wind up your SMSF, including:

  1. preparation and lodgement of last tax return.
  2. external audit reports.
  3. preparation of Rollover Statements to other super funds.
  4. lodgement of  form 6110 with ASIC to wind up the trustee companies.
  5. Keeping your informed  about the progress of the winding up process.

Once your SMSF is wound up, we will retain the following documents and information in our system for 10 years before we remove all your SMSF record from our system.

  1. all the financial reports, tax returns lodged by us.
  2. all the external audit reports.
  3. all the permanent files, including trust deed, reversionary pension setup documents, all the minutes, investment strategy etc.
  4. all the ATO and ATO correspondences.
  5. all the ASIC review record.
  6. all the source documents, including bank statement, investment income report and trading contracts, etc.

If you require these documents even after your fund has been wound up, we will provide them to you free of charge.


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