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Overdue return lodgment

If you still have overdue annual tax lodgment for your SMSF, before transferring to us, please check and following the steps:

  1. check if you have pre-paid your existing SMSF administrator to bring these tax return up to date
  2. check if your existing SMSF accountants have started working on these tax returns
  3. check if the SMSF service provider can refund the prepaid amounts if you want iCare Super to finish these tax returns. From our experience, they can do a full refund if they have started working on your file
  4. advise us if you would like iCare Super to finish these returns

What iCare Super will do after receiving your request for finishing these outstanding returns:

  1. We will give you a fixed costs quote for the work to be done
  2. We will contact ATO to lodge a deferral to avoid any overdue lodgment penalties or eliminate the risks of being audited by ATO
  3. We will immediately email you a checklist to collect all the relative information and documents for prior years and make your work as a priority.
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