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SMSF Transfer

Transferring your SMSF to iCare SMSF is free and easy.

We will handle all the transfer process for you and normally it only takes 2-3 weeks!

Why should I change my SMSF administrator to iCare SMSF?

iCare SMSF offers complete SMSF compliance services and technical support. Your SMSF will be well looked after under our administration.

Is it free to transfer my SMSF to iCare SMSF?

It is a free transfer process. There are no fees be paid upfront.

How to transfer my SMSF to iCare SMSF?

If you have an existing SMSF accountant or administrator, you do not need to do anything else except for filling out this form:

online transfer form.

We will contact your current accountant or administrator to get the files and information for your SMSF  transferred to us.

How much does iCare Super charge for manage the compliance work for my SMSF?

Our fees are fixed at $88/month, including the following services:

  1. preparation financial reports, tax return and lodgment of your SMSF tax return.
  2. independent (external) audit included.
  3. any email or phone call support for your SMSF.

What happens if I do not want iCare SMSF to contact my current accountant or administrator? 

We will send you an information checklist and help you collect all the relative information and documents to be sent to us.

Who will look after my SMSF at iCare SMSF?

We will allocate your fund to a client manager who is also a SMSF specialist. We will notify you once the manager for your fund appointed promptly.

What software will iCare SMSF use to provide services for my SMSF?

We use the following professional SMSF administration software:

  1. BGL Simple Fund
  2. BGL Simple Fund 360
  3. Class Super

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