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Setup turn around time guarantee

What is our turn around time for SMSF setup?

It only takes 4 hours for us to set up your SMSF after receiving your application. If you use corporate trustee structure, you need to pay the setup costs for the company upfront. Please contact us in regards how to make the payment.

Please note we only can guarantee ATO will issue TFN and ABN for your SMSF  if the following conditions are met:

  • all trustees and member’s  personal and business tax returns are up to date.
  • all trustees and members do not have any ATO debts.
  • all trustees and members are not related to other SMSFs with outstanding taxation matter.

Why our setup services are so prompt?

We have a dedicated and experienced SMSF setup team in our practice. We have been setting up thousands of SMSF since 2012 by same team members and we have not failed any clients so far.

How are the setup documents delivered?

All the setup documents will be emailed to you. All trustees and members are required to execute the setup documents ASAP and return the signed pages only to info@icaresuper.com.au

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