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Monthly fees for transferred SMSFs

It is free of charge to transfer your SMSF under our administration.

After the transfer process is finalised, you will receive a direct debit form from us for the payment of our monthly fees.

The monthly fees are calculated as below:

  • For existing SMSFs without outstanding tax return lodgement

The monthly fees will be calculated from 1 July of the financial year that your SMSF tax return need to be prepared NOT the month when you transfer your SMSF to iCare Super.

For example, your SMSF’s 2022 tax return has been lodged and you transferred your SMSF to iCare Super on 27 March 2023. The monthly fees will start form 1 July 2022 because we will need to prepare the tax return, financial reports and also engage external audit services from 1 July 2022.

  • For existing SMSFs with outstanding tax returns to be lodged

Please note we will charge $1,056 per financial year to get these returns lodged, audit costs included.

  • For new SMSF set up during the financial year:

The monthly fees are only calculated from the month when your SMSF was set up.

Please note your previous SMSF administrator may have already debited their fees for the current financial year but have not started any compliance work. If this is the case, you can request a full refund.

Our monthly fees include the following services:

  • Preparation of tax return and financial reports
  • External audit costs
  • Lodgement of tax return
  • Compliance support
  • Administration services
  • Email or phone call support
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