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Winding up services

We offer comprehensive winding up services to assist trustee with every step of the process.

Our services include:

  1. Cancelling the TFN/ABN of the SMSF with the ATO.
  2. Preparing all outstanding financial reports and tax returns.
  3. Engaging external auditor to complete the audits for your SMSF
  4. Advising trustees on the tax amounts payable/refundable and associated fees.
  5. Preparing all rollover statements for the transfer to retail/industry funds using ESA.
  6. Preparing all pension documents/TBAR reports if the balance needs to be paid to members as a pension payment.lLodging the last tax return and liaising with the ATO regarding the winding-up process.
  7. Assisting with the cancellation of a corporate trustee if your SMSF or the bare trust has a company as the trustee.
  8. Notifying trustees in writing when the winding-up process is completely finished.
  9. Archiving all previous tax returns and permanent documents on our server.

We will retain all your SMSF files and documents on our server for 10 years before deletion.

It is free of charge if you request any documents from us after the completion of the winding-up process.

We guarantee that you will have extra peace of mind when winding up your SMSF!

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