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Setup documents package

iCare Super provides all the required setup documents to SMSF trustees free of charge. We are offering low cost setup services without any terms and conditions.

Our setup documents are reviewed regularly by SMSF specialists and complying with SIS Act and ATO requirements.

Our setup documents package consists of the following  documents:

Our SMSF trust deed is in high quality and will allow you to invest any assets that the law allows trustees to do, including options, residential and commercial properties, domestic/overseas shares etc.

Once you receive our setup documents, please execute them promptly and email us the signed pages for record keeping purpose.

We will also email you the ABN/TFN notifications for your SMSF after they are being issued by ATO.

Please note the binding death benefit nomination form is not a compulsory setup document. If you have not decided if you need one or not, you can email us the executed nomination form in due course or do not send us at all.

Your SMSF will be officially set up after our setup documents signed and returned to iCare Super. Then you will need to organise the following by yourself:

  • roll over member’s benefits from other super funds to the SMSF
  • open the bank account in the name of the SMSF
  • advise member’s employer to pay employer contributions to the SMSF. An ESA may be required and we will apply for one free of charge for your SMSF.

However if you need any help or assistance, please free to contact us.

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