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SMSF Service Provider

iCare Super provides complete SMSF solutions to help trustees manage their SMSF without worries. As one of the major SMSF service providers in Australia, we are committed to make your job easier as a trustee by reducing the compliance burden.

We deliver high-quality SMSF services that are professional, accurate, and prompt, without requiring trustees to sign any lock-in contracts.

Our comprehensive services cover a wide range of requirements, including:

  1. New SMSF setup and existing SMSF transfer.*
  2. Helping you to open a bank account for your SMSF.*
  3. Helping you to open trading platforms or broker accounts for your SMSF.*
  4. Preparing compliance work for your SMSF, including financial reports, tax return and audit.
  5. Conducting independent audits if tax return is prepared by trustees or other service providers.
  6. Lodging SMSF tax returns with the ATO.
  7. Monitoring concessional and non-concessional contribution cap.
  8. Monitoring minimum pension and maximum pension payments.
  9. Providing pension information for Centrelink aged pension application and complete an annual form.
  10. Helping to set up pension accounts.
  11. Applying for actuarial certificates if necessary.
  12. Applying for bank loans for purchasing properties.
  13. If you have your own broker or bank manager, we will provide loan application documents to them.
  14. Setting up a bare trust or custodian trust for borrowing from banks or related parties.
  15. Certifying trust deed, ID or other documents.
  16. Providing an accountant letter for contribution history.
  17. Providing an accountant letter to state trustee company is a special purpose company and not trading.
  18. Engaging third-party service providers for your SMSF if necessary, such as actuary company.
  19. Preparing rollover statement for members and help with the rollover using ESA.*
  20. Updating trust deeds.
  21. Providing an investment strategy template.
  22. Providing technical support to trustees, SMSF accountants, financial planners, brokers or auditors.
  23. Helping manage the trustee company register, including update director and shareholder details etc.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. If you need any help with your SMSF, please feel free to contact us. 

Disclaimer: iCare Super does not provide financial planning services. We solely assist in setting up the SMSF after you have made the decision to proceed. You are responsible for opening the bank account and completing trading forms independently. The assistance we can provide includes providing setup documents, certificates, or copies, and answering questions. We do not offer recommendations regarding investments, banking institutions, or trading platforms.

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