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ASIC Agent Services

iCare Super is a registered ASIC agent that can provide assistance in managing your SMSF trustee company’s ASIC-related matters. As a trusted and professional provider of SMSF solutions, we offer a range of services to ensure the proper administration of your company.

  • manage and produce annual solvency minutes and lodge the annual report with ASIC;
  • manage the company shareholder/director register and keep all the relative documents;
  • produce annual ASIC extract to auditor on an annual basis;
  • update company details per request, including change of address, directors and members;
  • contact ASIC in regards to any matter relating to the company;
  • lodge company forms with ASIC, such as 484, 370, 492, 6010, RA 71, 201 etc.

In addition to the above services, iCare Super can also act as the ASIC agent for other companies. For information on the costs associated with ASIC agent services, please refer to our fee schedule. 

By choosing iCare Super as your ASIC agent, you can rest assured that your SMSF trustee company’s ASIC-related matters will be managed efficiently and effectively. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in managing and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements, ensuring that you can focus on managing your SMSF with peace of mind.

Contact us today to learn more about our ASIC agent services and how we can assist you in managing your SMSF trustee company’s ASIC-related matters.



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