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Certificate of Compliance

Your employer may request the certificate of compliance to be able to pay the employer contribution to your SMSF.

Your existing super fund may also need it to roll over the funds to your SMSF.

We have prepared the following template.  You can just change the super fund name from “ABC Super Fund” to your own SMSF name, sign, date it and send it to your employer.

 ABC Super Fund 

To whom it may concern

Certificate of Compliance

The Trustees of the Fund certify that the Fund:

  • Is a regulated superannuation fund under the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act 1993 (SIS Act).
  • Is a complying superannuation fund within the meaning of section 42A of the SIS Act.
  • Is not subject to a direction under Section 63 of the SIS Act and is therefore able to accept employer contributions.
  • Is empowered by the Fund’s trust deed to receive rolled over or transferred benefits.
  • Has received consent to the rollover from the relevant member, as set out below, in accordance with r6.28 (i) (b) of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Regulations

Signed for and on behalf of the Trustee(s):


Signature of Trustee:


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