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Free SMSF Setup

Changing an SMSF name

Changing the name for an existing SMSF can be done fairly quickly and we will email you the following documents to sign:

  • updated trust deed with the new name of the SMSF
  • legal minutes to document the change of the name

What you need to do for the change of the name

  • email or mail the new deed to us
  • notify all members and their employers of the name change
  • notify the share or fund registries of the name change
  • change the name for all the assets held in the SMSF

What we will provide to the trustees for the name change

  • update the name with ATO and ABR
  • update the name in our administration system
  • update the investment strategy with the new name

The main task for changing the SMSF name is to make sure the new name will be updated with all the investment registries and banks etc. If the new name is not update promptly, the SMSF auditor may qualify the audit report and lodge a contravention report with ATO.


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