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Company Tax Return

A company tax return needs to be lodged every year if you have use the company for business operation or investment purposes.

The tax return for a corporation can be complicated due to taxation rules applied to the companies.

At iCare Super, we provide strategic tax planning for company entities as well as normal compliance services, including preparation and lodgement of the following statements and returns.

  • company setup and TFN/ABN, GST & PAYG withholding tax
  • company financial reports and company tax returns
  • business activities statements
  • PAYG instatement statements
  • Annul GST return
  • STP reporting
  • R & D grant application
  • Capital gain/loss tax
  • Division 7A loan agreement and advice

We review company cash flow and business or investment performance regularly and help the client with the following:

  • apply for cash flow or business finance
  • reduce the company tax legitimately
  • tax planning

Should you have any queries relating to your company tax return, please feel free to contact us.

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