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SMSF Setup Procedure

Setting Up a Self-Managed Super Fund

With speculation growing about the end of pension payments in the future, superannuation is likely to become the primary source of income for retirees. Superannuation accounts come in numerous different options; everything from industry-specific accounts for workers in retail, health services and hospitality through to low-cost superannuation accounts offered by banks. Then there’s the option of setting up a self managed super fund (or SMSF for short). While many people are simply happy to have their super payments paid into an industry or retail account, others like to have more control over how their superannuation works for them. That’s why they opt for a self managed superannuation fund. The SMSF gives them a degree of autonomy over how they invest their funds in order to build their account for retirement. Setting up a SMSF requires strict compliance with government mandated regulations, so to ensure you do it right, speak to the SMSF setup specialists at iCare Super.

iCare Super provides free self managed super fund set up services with simple and easy to understand SMSF documentation within 1-2 business days of receipt of your application form.


  • Decide if you want to use individual trustees or corporate trustee. To learn more, click here
  • Click SMSF Online Setup and fill in the information online

Call or email us if you have any questions.


Once we have received your application, we may contact you to verify or clarify some information before setting up a self managed super fund. Next, iCare Super will prepare and send you the following documentation to print, sign and return:

  • SMSF Trust Deed
  • Consents to Act as Trustees
  • Member Application Forms
  • Minutes for the establishment of your SMSF
  • SMSF Product Disclosure Statements (PDS)
  • SMSF Investment Strategy Template
  • Binding Death Benefit Nomination Forms
  • Other Documentation Required


Once the above documents are signed and returned to us by email or mail, we will:

  • Apply Tax File Number (TFN) and Australian Business Number (ABN) for your SMSF Superannuation. It may take up to four weeks for the ATO to process.
  • Certify all the documents you need to open the bank accounts and trading accounts, etc.


The next step of setting up a SMSF is to:

  • Open the bank accounts for your SMSF. Simply provide the certified trust deed, TFN and ABN to the bank and you will have a bank account for your SMSF straight away.
  • Rollover your super benefits from retail, industry or other commercial fund to your SMSF. Give your current super fund a call and they will advise you on how to proceed. Normally they will send you a form to sign and return, or you can click here to download the ATO Super Rollover Form.


The final step of the SMSF set up process is to instruct your current employer to transfer your employer contributions to your SMSF.

Setting up a self managed super fund gives you control over how your funds are invested so you can have the healthiest possible nest egg when you retire. Start investing for your future today – speak to iCare Super about setting up a SMSF. Call us on (03) 9557 4079 or contact us online.

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