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Our Fee Policy

All the fees are charged on a fixed fee basis.

If any additional work needs to be performed, like setting up a bare trust for SMSF borrowing purpose, we will let you know the costs before commencing any additional work for your SMSF.

Our SMSF Fee Policy
1. Fixed price for SMSF annual compliance or SMSF audit only
2. We keep our fees 100% transparent
3. We keep our fees as low as possible
4. We do not charge based on time
5. No surprise
6. Unlimited access and no additional charges for phone calls or meetings
7. No exit or penalty fees
8. Our annual fee increase is no more than CPI
9. Our monthly fees are not refundable
10. Our fees are paid in monthly instalments.

Why Are Our Fees so Low?
1. We have advanced administration system
2. We have streamlined our processing procedure
3. We have a hard working and specialized team

Benefits of Low costs SMSF service providers 
1. You can cut the costs and grow your SMSF faster
2. You know exactly how much the running costs are so you can budget your SMSF spending in advance
3. Low costs or cheapest SMSF services nowdays can mean good value if you can find a specialised SMSF administrator


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