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SMSF record keeping

We often been asked by clients how to keep record for their SMSFs or how to deliver the documents and information to us.

Basically we provide two solutions for our clients:

  1. Keep the documents to yourself and email us the scanned copies at year end. We will manually process the data and document into the accounting softwares
  2. We can subscribe cloud-based SMSF software for your SMSF. The bank transactions will be uploaded to the software on daily basis. The most popular software on the market is Class Super and Simple Fund 360. However, you need to reimburse these software costs to us. For Class Super, it costs about $275 per year and Simple 360 $165.

Please also note if you would like to use our office as the postal address for receiving all the mails for your SMSF,  we may charge extra costs for doing so. Please contact us do discuss in details.

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