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Transfer documents checklist

When you transfer your SMSF to iCare Super, we will send an ethical clearance letter to your current SMSF administrator to request all the accounting, audit and permanent documents files. Meanwhile, if you have the following documents, please scan them and email it to info@icaresuper.com.au

  1. permanent documents: full copy of signed trust deed, investment strategy, ATO trustee declaration forms for each trustee respectively.
  2. latest lodged tax return, signed audit reports, financial report

If you need iCare Super to prepare and lodge any outstanding tax returns, please email us the following:

  • All bank statements for the period from1 July  to 30 June 
  • Broker/Advisor Portfolio Holding statement at 30 June
  • Broker/Advisor trading statements for the financial year
  • All dividend and/ or distribution statements
  • All purchase and sale contracts
  • Asset acquisition and sale details
  • All invoices/expenses paid by the fund
  • All contribution details
  • All income details
  • Any Rollover Benefit Statements
  • Property market value appraisal as at 30 June

Please collect all the documents as early as you can and email the electronic copies to admin@icaresuper.com.au, alternatively, they can be posted to PO Box 112 Bentleigh VIC 3204

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