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What is a QROPS scheme?

A QROPS means a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme that run by trustees in a jurisdiction outside of the UK.

If you want to transfer your UK pension to an SMSF, that SMSF must be a QROPS approved by HMRC.

The SMSFs have been approved as QROPS by HMRC can be found in this link:  ROPS list .

What is the criteria for an SMSF to be a QROPS?

  • an SMSF member needs to be more than 55 years old.

No SMSF can be a QROPs if the member is less than 55 years old. The reason being is that the UK legislation was amended to require a QROPS to meet the “pension age test” On 6 April 2015.

The “pension age test” requires that money transferred from a UK registered scheme into a QROPS can not be paid before the member turns 55 years old unless the member has retired due to ill-health.

Can I transfer my UK pension to an SMSF registered as a QROPS?

You and your SMSF need to meet the following conditions:

  • you are less than 75 years old before the transfer.
  • if you are aged between 65 and 74, you need to pass the work test.

How much can I transfer my UK pension to an SMSF registered as a QROPS?

  • if you are less than 65 years old, you can transfer $300,000 to your SMSF as non-concessional contributions using bring forward rules.
  • if you are more than 65 years old and have met the work test, you can transfer $100,000 as non-concessional contributions.
  • if you transfer more than the above amounts, the exceeded amounts will attract excess contribution tax.

How can we help transfer your UK pension to an SMSF?

We are QROPS specialists, we can assist you with the followings:

  • setup your SMSF with a QROPS complying trust deed.
  • amend your SMSF trust deed if your trust deed is not a QROPS compliant deed.
  • register your SMSF as a QROPS with HMRC.
  • notify you when a QROPS has been approved and help you with the transfer process.
  • allocated the transferred amount correctly to your SMSF member account.

How can you transfer your UK pension to your SMSF after the QROPS application approved by HMRC?

Before applying for the transfer, your SMSF must you be register as a QROPS with HMRC.  After that, you can request the transfer from UK pension scheme using this form: APSS263

This form will give the UK pension scheme administrator information to transfer your pension to your SMSF.

How much does it cost to set up an SMSF to be QROPS compliant?

The costs are $660.

The costs covers the following:

  • a QROPs compliant deed prepared by the legal practitioner
  • TFN/ABN application
  • All the other documents, including member application form, trustee consent and investment strategy etc.

How much does it cost to amend the SMSF existing trust deed to be QROPS compliant?

The costs are $770. It is an once-off payment that can be paid by your existing SMSF.

Our QROP deed is specifically designed for meeting all the requirement of HMRC.

How much does it cost to register the SMSF with HMRC as QROPS compliant superannuation fund?

If we apply for the QROPS for your SMSF, our costs are $660. It is an once-off payment that can to be paid by your existing SMSF.

How long does it take to register my SMSF with HMRC?

It takes 4-8 weeks. We will apply for the registration on behalf your SMSF and advise your immediately once the QROPS has been approved.  After that, you can organised the transfer of your UK pensions to your SMSF.

What is the reporting obligations for a QROPS complying SMSF?

In addition to all the reporting obligations in Australia, such as lodgement of tax return and audit, you also need to report the following to HMRC:

    Within 30 days

  1. your SMSF is no longer a QROPS;
  2. information provided previously was incomplete or not accurate.

    Within 90 days

  1. any payments to members
  2. any transfers or rollovers
  3. SMSF members moves to another country
  4. new address for the member living overseas

You also need to report to HMRC if there is any other overseas pension transferred to your SMSF within 91 days. Please note we can help you meet all the reporting requirements.

Should you have any questions, please let us know and our QROPS specialist will help you with all your needs.


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