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ESA & Rollover changes

The ESA we provide to our clients is BGLSF360.  There is no extra costs for you to use this ESA and we will provide ongoing support for the ESA.

The ESA will allow you to organize any rollovers between your SMSF and retail or industry super funds. Also it can be used for employer contributions free of charge.

When will you need the ESA?

  • you need to apply for an ESA with the services providers so you can transfer your member benefits from retail or industry super fund to your SMSF.
  • roll over any member benefits between super funds.
  • paying employer contributions

How much does it cost to use the ESA?

Normally ESA can cost between $44 to $110. However, there is no extra costs for iCare Super’s SMSF clients.  The ESA costs are included in our fixed monthly fees.

How to apply for an ESA?

We will apply for an ESA for your SMSF and advise you by email so you do not need to do anything.

How to register the ESA with the ATO?

We will update the ESA for your SMSF with the ATO. 

Please feel to contact us if you have any questions relating to the ESA.


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