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ESA & Rollover changes

From 1 October 2021, you’ll need to use SuperStream to roll over any super money to or from your SMSF.

After setting up your SMSF, you need to apply for an ESA with the services providers so you can transfer your member benefits from retail or industry super fund to your SMSF. This is also the case for an existing SMSF to roll over any member benefits between super funds.

ATO has listed the messaging providers on their website, please refer to this link: Register of SMSF messaging providers

We recommend choosing one the following options for our SMSF clients:

1. Subscribe BGL360 (accounting software) and then you can use their ESA for free. 

The cost depends on the function you want to use:
The license subscription fee is $110 (+GST).
If you need to add bank feed, $40 (+GST)
If you need to add share data feed, $40 (+GST)

We can help you to subscribe the BGL 360 and apply for the ESA for your SMSF. It takes a couple of hours to complete.

2. apply an ESA with Click Super and the cost is $39.95 per year

Their ESA is called WrKrSMSF.

Please note this subscription is for the ESA only and you may need to subscribe cloud software for managing the compliance work.

Please feel to contact us if you have any questions relating to the ESA.

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