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Electronic service address (ESA)

For iCare Super SMSF clients , we will apply for an ESA free of charge from messaging providers and email it to you upon request.

What is an electronic service address?

An ESA (electronic service address) is an identifier used by SMSFs that represent the URL or IP address of a messaging provider. It is required by SuperStream to report the superannuation guarantee contributions electronically in a standard format.

Normally ESA has a few letters, such as SMSFDATAFLOW,  MACQUARIESMSF .

Who can provide an ESA to my SMSF?

The messaging providers or your SMSF administrator, bank, tax agent or accountants can provide an ESA to your SMSF.

What are the costs of applying for an ESA or maintaining an ESA? 

Most of ESA providers are no cost or low costs. Please note we will apply for an ESA for your SMSF free of charge and there is no ongoing costs for maintaining the ESA.

When do I need an ESA for my SMSF ?

You need to give the ESA to your employer before they can transfer the employer contributions to your SMSF.

Can I change or update the ESA for my SMSF?

Yes, you can. We will help you lodge NAT 3036 Form with ATO to get it updated.

Why can’t my SMSF receive employer contributions with an ESA?

Even you have an ESA for your SMSF, your SMSF still needs to meet the following conditions to be able to receive employer contributions:

  1. for new established SMSFs: the status of your SMSF in Super Fund Lookup needs to be “complying”. Normally it will show complying status immediately after the establishment.
  2. for existing SMSFs: you need to lodge your SMSF tax returns on time so the complying status in Super Fund Lookup does not show “complying status removed”. Normally ATO will remove your SMSF from Super Fund Lookup if you have not lodged tax returns for your SMSF for last two years. If the complying status is removed, it will take about four weeks to get back to complying status after all outstanding tax return lodged with ATO.

Pleas note if you request an ESA from iCare Super, you are providing consent for the messaging providers to collect, hold, use and disclose any personal information contained in the Message. The personal information will be protected by their Privacy Policy.

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