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Rollover of super to SMSF

Rolling over your super benefits to your SMSF is fairly straight forward. You can organise this immediately after you have signed all the SMSF setup documents and the SMSF ABN status is complying on the Super Fund Lookup website.

The following steps can help you make your rollover process smoother.

1. You can call/email your current retail or industry super fund to request a rollover statement. The benefits of doing this is that they have input their super fund details in the form therefore you are only required to provide your SMSF details.

If you do not want to use your super fund’s rollover forms, you can always use ATO prescribed forms as below for full balance rollover:

– Rollover initiation request to transfer whole balance of super benefits to your self-managed super fund

Partial rollover can be a good idea if you want to keep your insurance policies before you obtain them in your SMSF.

For partial rollover, you will need to contact or call your existing super fund and they will email or send you the rollover form.

2. What SMSF information you should input in your rollover form?

SMSF name: it is the name of your SMSF, you do not need to include the trustee name.

ABN: we will provide ABN to you in the setup documents package

Fund phone number: please use our office number 03 9557 4079

Membership number: For first member, please write 501, for second member 502, third member 503 and fourth

member 504

Unique Superannuation identifier (USI): Please write N/A (not applicable).

3. You need to sign the rollover form and provide the ID requirements to your super fund.

After receiving your rollover forms, your industry or retail fund normally will process it in 1-2 weeks and transfer your member balance to your SMSF bank account or send a cheque to your SMSF’s postal address listed on Superfund lookup website.

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