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Changing to/from a special purpose company

The SMSF corporate trustee company can be a special purpose company at the time of registration.

You also can change a normal company, such as trading company, trustee company for a family trust, to a special purpose company or vice versa.

Change a company to a special purpose company

  • the company only can be used as the trustee for your SMSF after the change
  • the company has to cease to trade or act as the trustee of other entities after the change

Change a special purpose company to a normal company

  • the company can be used for trading or other purpose after the change but trustees need to be aware the risks of using the SMSF trustee company for other operations
  • the normal ASIC review fee will apply after the change.

What we provide to SMSF trustees to change a company to a special purpose company or vice versa

  • lodge 484 form with ASIC using specialised software
  • prepare legal minute to document the change

Fees charged by ASIC for changing a company to a special purpose company or vice versa

ASIC does not change any fees. Also there is no late lodgement penalty applies so you can back date the change date. However,  penalty and late fees will apply if you change other details and the 484 form is not lodged with 28 days after the change, for example the registered office address for the company or director details.

We are using EDGE software to correctly prepare all the necessary declaration and forms, please contact us if you would like to make such changes.

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