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SMSF Outsource

We have seen lots of challenges faced by accountants, financial planner and brokers for providing SMSF administration services, like below:

  • SMSF compliance has been overwhelming to your companies or practices
  • Lots of SMSFs outstanding with queries, huge non billable time spent on chasing up queries.
  • Staff do not like the SMSF administration work because they think it is too specialised
  • Staff are struggling as they do not have the expertise and you have to sent them for training
  • Very expensive to retain the proficient and experienced SMSF accountants
  • Lots of write-offs for the SMSF clients
  • ATO has audited you due to the independence and competency of the SMSF auditors
  • ATO has review your files and you worry that you may breach the compliance requirements

So why not to consider a cost effective outsourcing solutions to increase your profitability and focus on the essence of your business. To find out how iCare Super can help, please contact us for a no-obligation cost free discussion.

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