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Setup costs

iCare Super has been providing free SMSF setup services for SMSF trustees since 2012. Our setup process only takes 1-2 days. Most SMSFs were set up by us in 1-2 hours after receiving the Online SMSF setup application form.

Nowdays, it is almost impossible for  SMSF trustees to find a SMSF provider who offers free SMSF setup services without any conditions attached in Australia.

Our free setup services do not require you to use our accounting or audit services. We do not have any referral arrangements with any third party services providers, such as trading platforms, financial planners, mortgage brokers or banks. We give you 100% control of your SMSF and you will not be financially disadvantaged by setting up your SMSF with iCare Super.

Please note only SMSF setup is free. If you need a company as the trustee of your SMSF, our costs are $880.

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