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SMSF Setup Procedure

Setting Up a Self-Managed Super Fund With speculation growing about the end of pension payments in the future, superannuation is likely to become the primary source of income for r...

SMSF Online Setup

Setting up a SMSF is easy with iCare Super. Simply complete the form below and we will start processing it today. When completing the form, if you have any questions, feel free to ...

SMSF Pension Administration

SMSF Administration A superannuation fund cannot be accessed until you retire or reach a certain age, called your preservation age. For people born prior to 1st July 1960, preserva...

SMSF Accounting Services

SMSF Accountants in Melbourne When establishing and running an SMSF, it’s important that your financial records and paperwork strictly comply with the rules and laws that are cen...

SMSF Transfer Form

Transferring your existing SMSF to iCare Super is easy and free! We will take care of the process and facilitate a quick and smooth transfer of your self-managed super fund to iCar...

Purchase Property in SMSF

Purchasing Property Through SMSF “Can I use self managed super funds for buying property?” This is one of the most common questions that our clients ask us. The simple ...

Free SMSF Setup

Free New SMSF Set Up (Individual Trustees) Trust Deed & Minutes Included Application for TFN & ABN Any bank accounts Any investments if the law allows Dedicated client service adviser No contract

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Free SMSF Transfer

Free Transfer Free “Health Check” Any Bank Accounts Any Investments if the Law Allows Dedicated Client Service Adviser No Contract

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Audit SMSF

Independent and high quality Fast, efficient and low cost Any bank accounts Any investments if the law allows No contracts

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SMSF Outsource

For financial advisers, brokers and accountants Fast, efficient and low costs Full annual compliance services (Audit included) Improve your efficiency No contract

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Welcome to iCare SMSF!

Trusted SMSF Providers in Melbourne

With constant speculation about the government eventually doing away with pension payments for seniors, it will be superannuation that will fund our day to day lives once we reach retirement. Employers are currently required by law to make contributions into employee superannuation, with employees able to make additional contributions to their superannuation if they feel that the employer contributions will only stretch so far.

There are numerous superannuation funds available, ranging from industry specific funds through to ‘generic’ funds available from banks and other NBFIs. But it is the self managed superannuation fund that many investors are opting for while they continue to work until retirement. iCare Super can help you open a SMSF that enables you to take control of your financial future. Speak to a member of our SMSF adviser team today.

What is a SMSF?

A self managed superannuation fund (or SMSF for short) is one of the best options for those who want to exercise control over their own superannuation investments. Self managed super funds have been around for more than three decades. Today, it stands as the largest superannuation sector, given the huge size of its funds and assets as well as domestic and international investment opportunities.

If you’re interested in setting up a SMSF, the SMSF providers at iCare Super can help you establish an SMSF in Melbourne and give you the necessary guidance and assistance to control your superannuation investments.

Who Owns and Manages Self Managed Superannuation Funds?

Self managed superannuation funds consist of trustees who control them and make each and every investment decision for the fund. It is these trustees who are responsible for taking care of the legal procedures, including the annual tax filing. However, it must be noted that the Trustees don’t actually own the SMSF assets, but handle the administrative part associated with them. The actual owners are the members.

The First Choice for an SMSF Adviser in Melbourne

iCare Super has been working in the self managed superannuation industry for a long time now. Having dealt with various SMSF types, we have gained hands-on experience and understand the core of self managed super. This allows us to provide first-rate solutions befitting our clients’ requirements. Some of our key services include but are not limited to SMSF transfer, SMSF setup, SMSF audit and SMSF outsourcing.

If you wish to discuss your superannuation needs with an experienced and qualified SMSF adviser in Melbourne, get in touch with the SMSF providers at iCare Super using the details on our Contact Us page.

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I have been very happy with iCare Super. All of my enquiries and questions have been answered promptly, my tax return was lodged on time, and even though I am in Sydney it was a very simple process to get my annual tax return and audit completed. ...

- Monica Stadtmiller, Sydney

Hello, I wish to say that I have been very satisfied with the SMSF services provided by Gavin Ma of iCare Super. From the beginning Gavin has been helpful and made things simple for me in terms of advice on SMSF setup and finance options for buyin...

- Danny Chea, Melbourne

I have no hesitation in recommending iCare Super to anyone. They are timely in their replies, offer value for money and above all else they are extremely professional in the service they provide. I feel reassured that I have them there whenever I ...

- Robert Erne, Adelaide


I have recently changed my SMSF from my broker to iCare Super, after filling out a short online application this process could not have been simpler. iCare Super took care of everything and the administration process was straight for...

- Barry Gibbs, Brisbane

I have found the services of iCare Super very comprehensive, prompt, friendly and excellent throughout – starting from setting up the fund, thru to the audit and tax return at the end of the year. Handy one-stop shop. Highly recommended


- Abu Hasan Md Abdullah, Melbourne

We were attracted to use ICareSuper due the website providing easy to understand information about SMSFs and in being able to discuss easily and directly with Gavin Ma our SMSF needs.

In using ICareSuper for our SMSF we are impressed by the...

- Dennis Murphy, Yeppoon

Once the decision was made to set up my SMSF it was time to choose who was going to administer it.  After much research I decided on Icare Super.  They had an easy to understand website, upfront fee structure, there were no restrictions on accou...

- Julie Cutler, Melbourne

The first thing that I discovered about using iCare Super was that they made everything so easy for me. They were responsive to my questions and went to the trouble of explaining things so that I could easily understand what was needed.

I w...

- Paul Pacey, Sydney

4 December 2013

SMSF – ICare Super

With the help and assistance of ICare Super we were able to set up our own “Self Managed Super Fund” in 2012.

ICare Super were very helpful and made it easy.

The staff are always...

- Garth & Linda Oakhill, Mudgee

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Latest News

SMSF statistics

The ATO has published September 2017 quarterly self-managed super fund (SMSF) statistical report.  Some of the statistical highlights from this quarter's overview include: total number…

SMSF lodgement extention

We are very happy to advise all our SMSF clients that ATO has extended the SMSF lodgement due date from 15/05/2018 to 30/06/2018. Reason being…

ATO has made changes to Trustee declaration (NAT 71089) and Self-managed super funds – key messages for trustees (NAT 71128).

As a result of ATO review, changes have been made to both documents. The most notable changes to the 2012 version of the Trustee declaration…

New requirements for SMSF electronic lodgement

The SMSF annual tax return combines income tax, regulatory and member information reporting obligations. From 1 July 2012, the SMSF annual tax return will not…

What happens if minimum pension requirements are not met

ATO has clarified what the consequences are if minimum pension payment is not made: - A pension account ceases form the beginning of the financial…

Certain arrangements to acquire property by SMSF contravene super law

ATO has recently issued Taxypayer Alert TA 2012/7 that describes certain arrangements entered into by self-managed super funds (SMSFs) to acquire property which do not…

Auditor obligations regarding collectables in SMSF

The ATO has stated that an approved auditor is required to: - conduct the audit in accordance with the Australian Auditing Standards and the Standards…

Dealing with accidental excess contributions in SMSF

Dealing with accidental excess contributions Before 17 November 2010 a taxpayer who had inadvertently breached the contribution caps had to wait until they received an…

ATO ID 2011/24 – Waiver of Disqualified Person Status for setting up a SMSF

This ATO ID considers what constitutes “serious dishonest conduct” and therefore what is sufficient for an individual who has been convicted of an offence to…

ATO ID 2011/77 – Payment of Death Benefit to Former Stepchild

The classification of a step-child has been an area of misunderstanding for some time. Effectively, this ATO ID confirms that where the legal marriage of…

ATO Self-managed super fund statistical report

The latest self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) statistical report is updated to December 2011. It includes the  information on the SMSF population, asset allocation and quarterly…

ATO SMSF Compliance program 2012-13

In 2012/13 financial year, the focus of ATO SMSF compliance activity will be on: new trustees, to ensure they can operate their SMSF and are…

Attaining preservation age itself is not a condition of release

Attaining preservation age itself is not a condition of release with a "nil" cashing restriction. Therefore, superannuation benefits transferred to a transition to retirement pension…

Careers opportunities

iCare Super is a SMSF specialist practice and has a large growing SMSF client base in Australia. We provide high quality services to SMSF trustees,…

Condition of release – the cessation of an employment arrangement for a SMSF member aged 60 to 64!

Where a member of SMSF, aged 60 to 64, is in two or more employment arrangements at the same time, the cessation of one of…

Deductibility of premiums for TPD cover paid by a SMSF

On 7 July 2012, the Commissioner issued TR 2012/6. The Ruling states that a complying superannuation fund can claim a deduction for an insurance premium on…

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