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Transfer FAQ

The  SMSF transfer questions frequently asked by our clients have been listed as below, please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

How long has iCare SMSF been providing SMSF compliance services?

We have been operating SMSF accounting and audit services since March 2012.

Our ABN details can be found here: iCare Super ABN Details

Where is iCare SMSF’s office?

Our head office is in Melbourne and address is: 269 Centre Road BENTLEIGH VIC 3204

Our postal address is PO Box 112 BENTLEIGH VIC 3204

How many SMSFs does iCare Super have?

We are providing SMSF services for thousands of SMSF trustees.

As of March 2018, we have about 1,100 SMSFs under our administration.

Do I need to wind up my fund and set up a new SMSF with iCare Super?

No. You can keep your existing fund and we will take on your existing super fund.

Are there any restrictions on any investments?

No. iCare Super does not have any restrictions. You can have ASX listed shares, overseas shares, domestic/overseas properties, collectibles, artwork, cryptocurrencies and options etc.

Are there any restrictions on trading platforms or broker accounts?

No. You can choose any bank accounts and broker accounts.

Is the SMSF auditor independent?

Yes, we will engage experienced external auditors to audit your SMSF. The audit process is independent.

Can iCare Super get data feeding automatically from banks or broker accounts?

Yes. We do not need data feeding to prepare SMSF tax return. However, if you would like us set up the data feeding for your SMSF, we will use cloud based software, such us Class Super or Simple Fund 360 to get the data. The fees are about $165-275 and need to be paid to iCare Super annually.

Please note majority of clients do not use date feeding software at this stage, it is your choice.

Does iCare Super’s monthly fee cover audit fees?

Yes, it covers tax return, financial reports and audit costs. However it does not any services provided by third parties or fees paid to ASIC or ATO, such as actuarial certificate, ASIC review fees and ATO levy etc.

What do I need to do for signing up iCare Super’s services?

Please provide the details for your SMSF by clicking here.

Alternatively, please email us your SMSF’s name, TFN, ABN and current administrator’s contact details.

How I can pay iCare Super’s monthly fees?

Our fees will be paid by direct debit. We will email you the direct debit form to debit monthly fees from your SMSF bank account.

Can I pay iCare Super 12 monthly fees in one lot when iCare Super finishes the annual return and audit?

No. iCare Super’s fees need to be paid monthly by direct debit.

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