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SMSF Pension Administration

Once you reach your preservation age, you can start taking out money from your SMSF.
Preservation Age

Use the following table to work out your preservation age.

Preservation Age Table
Transition to Retirement Pension

If you reach your preservation age and are still working, you can start a Transition to Retirement Pension(TRIP). With TRIP, the only difference is that you only can take out a maximum 10% of your member balance annually.

Pension Commencement
Simply advise us if you want to convert your full or partial member balance in your SMSF, we will provide all the documentation services assisting the commencement of pension accounts of your SMSF. Our SMSF pension services include:

- Member application and pension agreement
- Condition of release declaration
- Pension commencement minutes
- Minimum and maximum pension calculations
- PAYG Withholding registration (if required)

SMSF Pension Administration

1. We write to you every year to advise you of the minimum pension you must take out from your SMSF
2. We apply for the actuarial certificate on your behalf if your SMSF is not in full pension phase
3. We assist you to set up reversionary pension if you choose to
4. We prepare the PAYG Summaries for your SMSF if required

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