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Free transfer from ESUPERFUND

For any ESUPERFUND clients who want to transfer their SMSFs to iCare Super, please fill out this form:

SMSF Transfer Form

We will contact the client services manager at ESUPERFUND to get your SMSF files and information transferred to us.

Why should I transfer my SMSF from ESUPERFUND to iCare SMSF?

One of the main purpose of running your own SMSF is to have the control and flexibility of investments in your super fund. Currently, ESUPERFUND only allows you to have certain allowable investments in your SMSF. You can only use their nominated bank accounts and share trading accounts. If you would like to buy a property, you have to use  their nominated banks to get the loans.

If you want to use Interactive Broker Accounts or investment in crypto-currencies, collectibles etc, ESUPERFUND will terminate their services provided to your SMSF.

At iCare Super, we do not have any restrictions on investments, bank accounts and bank loans etc. We are independent from any financial institutions, share brokers and fund managers. By engaging our SMSF administration services, you will have total freedom to invest anything that the superannuation law allows.

What information do I need to get from ESUPERFUND and provide them to iCare SMSF?

Once we send the transfer request letter to ESUPER FUND, they will email you with the following instruction:

Please download all the documentation held by ESUPERFUND for your SMSF from the Client Portal – “Documents” – “All Documents” – Click the “Download Departing Documentation” link. It should be noted that for security reasons access to the Client Portal will no longer be available after 90 days from date of the transfer.
Please download all the documentation and email them to info@icaresuper.com.au

It is very important that you get the historic purchase prices for all the investment held in your SMSF from ESUPERFUND. Normally , they should provide it to you in an excel spreadsheet.

Will ESUPERFUND refund any prepaid fees?

Any prepaid annual compliance fees will be refunded to your Fund’s bank account by ESUPERFUND after receiving our transfer request and your direct debit authority with ESUPERFUND will be cancelled.

If I need lodge previous year tax return, can iCare SMSF help?

Yes, you do not need to request ESUPERFUND to finish your outstanding tax returns if they have started as yet.
We will finalize for you and lodge it with ATO.

Can I close the bank/broker account opened by ESUPERFUND?

Yes, you can arrange the closure of any bank/broker accounts that you do not wish to keep for the Fund.

Does iCare SMSF have a list of allowable investments?

No. You can invest anything as long as your SMSF trust deed, investment strategy and SIS Act allows you to do so.

Does iCare Super have automatic data feeding for all the transactions for my SMSF?

Yes, we can arrange that using cloud-based SMSF software, please refer to this link for more details: SMSF Software Service Providers

If you have any questions in regards to the transfer process, please feel free to contact us on 03 9557 4079 or via email info@icaresuper.com.au

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