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SMSF Updates

Variation from your investment strategy is not a breach due to COVID-19

02 Apr, 2020

The downturn in the market has impacted on your SMSF’s investment strategy. Is this a breach of the superannuation law?

Trustees must prepare and implement an investment strategy for their SMSF, which they must then give effect to and review regularly. The strategy should be reviewed at least annually, and you should document that you’ve undertaken this review any decisions arising from the review. Certain significant events, such as a market correction, should also prompt a review of your strategy and may require updating your investment strategy.

Where the assets of an SMSF or the level of investment in those assets fall outside of the scope of your investment strategy, you should take action to address that situation, which could involve adjustments to investments or updating your investment strategy.

ATO doesn’t consider that short term variations to your articulated investment approach, including to specified asset allocations whilst you adjust your investments, constitute a variation from your investment strategy.

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