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Employers need to pay further contributions on salary sacrificing amounts from 1 January 2020
09 Nov, 2019

This new superannuation contribution obligation will start from 1 January 2020. The employer is required to pay further  9.5% superannuation contributions on the salary sacrificing amounts. For example, employee's salary package includes: $100,000 salary + $9,500 employer contributions + $..Read More

How many SMSFs in Australia?
30 Oct, 2019

Based on ATO's recent Self-managed super fund quarterly statistical report – June 2019,  the latest statistics on the self-managed super fund (SMSF) sector includs: there are 599,678 SMSFs there are 1,125,201 members of SMSFs the total estimated assets of SMSFs are $748 billion t..Read More

Do SMSF auditors use the eSAT reference material?
23 Oct, 2019

The ATO is planning to replace its Electronic Super Audit Tool (eSAT) and is considering whether or not the reference material should be maintained on the ATO website. The ATO is seeking feedback from SMSF auditors on whether they find the reference material useful, which parts they woul..Read More

How to deal with suspended or delisted stocks when winding up your SMSF?
17 Oct, 2019

When your wind up your SMSF, if the stock in which you had invested has been suspended and there is no guide for reinstatement, you should follow the guidelines as below: - if it has been suspended for a long time, the SMSF may dispose of the stock using an off market transfer to any party; - the ..Read More

SMSF Trustee Disputes
15 Oct, 2019

If one of your SMSF trustees has failed to act in the best interest of the fund members, the SMSF's compliance status may be at risk even other trustees adhere to their responsibilities. Recently, we have an SMSF client who has trustee disputes and the scenario can be summarised as below: ..Read More

How long does it take for ATO to process a new SMSF application?
07 Oct, 2019

Normally your SMSF will be up and running in a few hours if your SMSF is set up by iCare Super. However, some events may trigger an ATO review for a  managed super fund (SMSF) applications. These events can be as below you have outstanding personal or business tax returns kodgement; your..Read More

Who Signs the Contract of Sale for Property Purchase in the SMSF?
11 Sep, 2019

There are three options you can sign the contract of sale for the property purchase: The Bare Trust Trustee In DKLR Holdings Co (No 2) Pty Ltd v Commissioner of Stamp Duties (NSW), it was held that double duty may apply where the purchaser in the contract is the trust.  Some lawyers suggest..Read More

SMSF purchasing/selling cows and cattle
11 Sep, 2019

SMSF trustees needs to understand some very important basics that they must meet AND DOCUMENT HOW, in the investment strategy. -Have you discussed the set-up with a Financial Planner with relevant experience? -Have you got a documented plan: how it operates, who is responsible for what, ho..Read More

SMSF custodian trust (bare trust) needs to be stamped in NSW
15 Jul, 2019

The custodian trust or bare trust deed needs to stamped when you purchase an investment property in your SMSF. Revenue NSW does not allow agent to duty stamp bare trust deed, therefore you need drop the required documents to one of the Revenue NSW offices or post them using registered mail or exp..Read More

How to purchase a vintage or classic car in the SMSF?
10 Jul, 2019

Vintage vehicles are allowable assets by iCare Super. Please make sure you follow the guidelines as below to avoid compliance issues for this investment in your SMSF: - Store the vehicle at a storage facility that all members are unable to have present day benefit. Storing at unrelated par..Read More

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