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Free SMSF Setup Services cease on 12 April 2021
12 Apr, 2021

For the last 10 years, iCare Super has provided free SMSF setup services for thousands of SMSF trustees and members without any conditions in Australia. However, we regret that rapidly rising costs of legal and compliance services and insurance fees necessitate our raising the setup prices for..Read More

SMSF auditor independence: ATO guidance updated
08 Apr, 2021

The ATO has updated its Auditor Independence guidance for approved SMSF auditors. Specifically, the reciprocal auditing arrangements and referral source issues for firms when re-structuring. The guidance clarifies that the ATO will not consider it an independence threat if the fees generated fr..Read More

Interaction between Division 7A and COVID-19 LRBA repayment relief
01 Apr, 2021

The ATO have published guidance on the interaction between COVID-19 limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBA) repayment relief and Division 7A. This LRBA guidance applies if a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) has: an LRBA from a related private company where Division 7A..Read More

New Illegal SMSF scheme warning
18 Mar, 2021

The ATO have recently identified a new scheme where SMSF trustees were informed that they can set up a new SMSF to roll-over the fund balance from the old SMSF and then liquidate their old SMSF in an attempt to avoid paying potential tax liabilities. Taking part in this arrangement and others lik..Read More

ATO SMSF statistical overview 2018-19: growth in new SMSFs slowing
11 Mar, 2021

The ATO has released its annual Self-Managed Super Funds: statistical overview 2018-19 which is based on data from SMSF annual returns. There were over 593,000 SMSFs holding $733bn in total assets as at 30 June 2020, with more than 1.107m SMSF members. SMSFs had assets of over $1.3m each on averag..Read More

Superannuation Caps and Threshold from 2021-22
04 Mar, 2021

Superannuation contributions cap $27,500 from 2021-22 Using the latest AWOTE details (ABS Catalogue no: 6302.0) the following superannuation rates and thresholds for 2021-22 are calculated in accordance with Subdiv 960-M of the ITAA 1997. CONTRIBUTIONS CAPS: The concessional contributions cap is..Read More

Contribution caps increase from 1 July 2021
25 Feb, 2021

Contribution caps for both concessional and non-concessional contribution will increase from 1/7/21: The new cap is as below: Concessional $27,500 Non- concessional $110,000   If you use the bring forward rules for NCC, the following threshold will apply: TSB: tota..Read More

SMSF lodgement and compliance updates from the ATO
25 Feb, 2021

the latest tax gap for small super funds shows around 97.5 per cent compliance reported regulatory contraventions among self-managed superfunds are currently tracking at about 2 per cent during the 2020 financial year, 22,000 new self-managed superfunds were registered, a 7 per cent increa..Read More

Appointing an SMSF auditor on time
18 Feb, 2021

The ATO is reminding SMSF trustees to appoint an approved SMSF auditor to audit their fund each year, no later than 45 days before the SMSF annual return is due. They highlight that an audit is required even if no contributions or payments are made in the financial year, and that the auditor is al..Read More

SuperStream Rollover v3
18 Feb, 2021

From 31 March 2021, the SuperStream Rollover message will be extended to include self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) and digital release authorities. The transition period for implementation and onboarding to SuperStream Rollover v3 is from 31 March 2021 to 30 September 2021. The ATO has..Read More

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