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Can money owing to the SMSF be written off or foregone?
13 Feb, 2020

Recently we have an SMSF client who sold the artwork owned by the SMSF to a private buyer for $20,000. The buyer has not paid the costs in full so far. The client has tried to recover the debt but the buyer has moved overseas and been reluctant to pay the remaining balance. The question is if ..Read More

Transfers between trustees and custodians of superannuation funds or trusts
11 Feb, 2020

After the mortgage has been paid off, the property title in the name of the bare trust trustee can be changed to the SMSF trustee name(s). The following documents are required by Revenue NSW: Original executed transfer or agreement Statutory declaration by the transferee stating the detai..Read More

Property transfers between members and SMSF
11 Feb, 2020

SMSF members can transfer their real property in their personal names or related entities to their SMSF. To transfer the title to the SMSF, you will need to collect all the following documents and send them to Revenue NSW: Original executed agreement to transfer Copy of the SMSF trust dee..Read More

Super co-contribution rules for 2020 financial year
07 Feb, 2020

You need to meet the following conditions first to be able to receive: have made personal super contributions to your super account before 30 June 2020 pass the income threshold and 10% eligible income tests be less than 71 years old by 30 June 2020 must be permanent resident or citiz..Read More

How to contribute from age 65
07 Feb, 2020

If you are fully retired after you turn 65 years old, you can not make any non-concessional contributions. You also can not make any non-concessional contribution if you member balance exceeding $1.6 million regardless you meet the work test or not. There are still limited circumstances that y..Read More

Guideline on the changes to taxation of TRIS updated
23 Jan, 2020

The ATO has updated its guideline on the implementation of the changes to the taxation of transition to retirement income streams (TRIS), to reflect various recent legislative amendments. Practical Compliance Guideline PCG 2017/3 contains the ATO’s compliance approach for certain APRA-regulat..Read More

SMSs for SMSFs
17 Dec, 2019

To protect SMSF trustees' retirement savings from fraud and misconduct, the ATO will send trustees an email and/or a text message when changes are made within your self-managed super fund (SMSF). This system has been designed to issue an SMS and email when certain details are updated in the ATO s..Read More

Employers need to pay further contributions on salary sacrificing amounts from 1 January 2020
09 Nov, 2019

This new superannuation contribution obligation will start from 1 January 2020. The employer is required to pay further  9.5% superannuation contributions on the salary sacrificing amounts. For example, employee's salary package includes: $100,000 salary + $9,500 employer contributions + $..Read More

How many SMSFs in Australia?
30 Oct, 2019

Based on ATO's recent Self-managed super fund quarterly statistical report – June 2019,  the latest statistics on the self-managed super fund (SMSF) sector includs: there are 599,678 SMSFs there are 1,125,201 members of SMSFs the total estimated assets of SMSFs are $748 billion t..Read More

Do SMSF auditors use the eSAT reference material?
23 Oct, 2019

The ATO is planning to replace its Electronic Super Audit Tool (eSAT) and is considering whether or not the reference material should be maintained on the ATO website. The ATO is seeking feedback from SMSF auditors on whether they find the reference material useful, which parts they woul..Read More

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