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ATO has established a disqualified SMSF trustee register
29 May, 2019

ATO has introduced a disqualified trustee register that will help SMSF administrators, professionals and other trustees to search for the details of a particular trustee. The main features of the register are as below: - the register will be maintained and updated by ATO on quarterly basis - ..Read More

2019 Federal Budget: what it means to your SMSF
03 Apr, 2019

There are four major positive changes in regards to superannuation and SMSFs and they can be summarised as below: Work test changes From 1 July 2020, SMSF members aged 65 and 66 can make both concessional and non-concessional contributions without meeting the Work Test. The current Work Test re..Read More

Notice of compliance for new SMSFs
01 Mar, 2019

ATO has changed the timeframe to issue notice of compliance for newly registered SMSFs. Before March 2019, new SMSFs' status is "Registered – status not determined". This status is only changed to "complying" after the first return is lodged and there is no compliance issue. After March 2019..Read More

Can an SMSF purchases a residential property with member’s partner?
21 Feb, 2019

An SMSF trustee can buy an investment residential property using tenancy in common or partnership structure. However, the following are issues associated with this transaction: 1.  Member is unable to live in property whilst an asset of the fund. 2. The member can receive an inspecie lump ..Read More

Common audit issues with SMSFs having crypto-currencies
23 Jan, 2019

SIS Act does not have any restrictions on cypto-currency investment. However the permanent documents needs to be reviewed before making such investment: Does the SMSF trust allows such investment? Does the investment strategy allow such investment? Is there any risk management statement ..Read More

Work test exemption for low balance SMSF members
22 Jan, 2019

From 1 July 2019, SMSF members aged 65 to 74 with total superannuation balances below $300,000 can make voluntary contributions to their SMSFs in the first year after they stop working. This means that SMSF members would be able to make voluntary contributions  for 12 months from the end of the fi..Read More

Market value of assets
22 Jan, 2019

Reg 8.02B of SISR (Superannuation Industry Supervision Regulations 1994) requires all the assets held in the SMSFs must be valued at market value in the Statement of Financial Position. If there is no sufficient evidence about the material assets, SMSF auditors must qualify both financial and compli..Read More

Can private company shares owned by a SMSF be sold to the SMSF members?
18 Jan, 2019

  The shares in unlisted companies owned by SMSFs can be transferred or sold to their members. However, the main issue here is the valuation of these share when they are sold to the SMSF members. The SMSF trustees need to make sure the disposal of these shares is in an arm’s length transac..Read More

What happens if an individual breaches their transfer balance cap?
23 May, 2018

If an individual has a retirement phase account balance in excess of the $1.6 million cap they will need to: – remove any amount over $1.6 million, plus excess transfer balance earnings, from retirement phase; and – pay excess transfer balance tax. If an individual exceeds the cap because..Read More

Event Based Reporting
23 May, 2018

Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) have new reporting obligations. This is due to the introduction of the new transfer balance cap and total superannuation balance measures. What is The Transfer Balance Account Report (TBAR) The Transfer Balance Account Report (TBAR) is a separate reporting fo..Read More

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