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Is a SMSF Right for You?
11 May, 2018

While do-it-yourself types of superannuation have been available for many years, SMSFs really have come into their own over the last few years. As far as the asset value and the number of SMSFs goes, it is apparent that the SMSF sector has a much larger presence among supers. According to asset valu..Read More

What is a SMSF?
11 May, 2018

A SMSF is a self managed super fund. As the name suggests, it is a kind of do-it-yourself retirement plan where you, as a member, have complete control over how your funds are managed. While it is a popular way for you to save funds for your retirement, a SMSF does come with administrative duties an..Read More

2018-19 Federal Budget Measures- SMSF
09 May, 2018

The major changes in regards to SMSFs are listed as below: Preventing inadvertent concessional contribution cap breaches: from 1 July 2018, the Government will allow individuals whose income exceeds $263,157 and who have multiple employers to nominate that their wages from certain employers ar..Read More

Downsizing contributions
08 Mar, 2018

From 1 July 2018, you can contribute up to $300,000 from the proceeds of selling your home to your SMSF. You only can make downsizing contributions once off only. Your downsizer contribution will not be affected by the total superannuation balance test or count towards your contributions caps ..Read More

ATO to focus on SMSFs
22 Feb, 2018

ATO will focus on the following SMSF compliance issues: all SMSFs must ensure that assets in their fund are appropriately valued with relevant valuations supported by objective evidence and data in the coming months, SMSFs should establish whether their members are affected by the new tran..Read More

Guidance for SMSFs about transitional Capital Gains Tax (CGT) relief
13 Feb, 2018

ATO has published Guidance for SMSFs about transitional Capital Gains Tax (CGT) relief. You should read this information for: detail about eligibility for the relief detail about how the CGT relief provisions operate, including how they apply to an SMSF paying a transition-to-retirement ..Read More

SMSF statistics
23 Jan, 2018

The ATO has published September 2017 quarterly self-managed super fund (SMSF) statistical report.  Some of the statistical highlights from this quarter's overview include: total number of SMSFs has increased to 598,620 total members of SMSFs is 1,130,721 total value of estimated SMSF a..Read More

SMSF lodgement extention
19 Jan, 2018

We are very happy to advise all our SMSF clients that ATO has extended the SMSF lodgement due date from 15/05/2018 to 30/06/2018. Reason being is that ATO believe SMSF trustees and SMSF professionals or specialists need more time to deal with the new regulatory SMSF reform and SMSF legislative ch..Read More

Careers opportunities
18 Jan, 2018

iCare Super is a SMSF specialist practice and has a large growing SMSF client base in Australia. We provide high quality services to SMSF trustees, accountants, financial planners and brokers. As a rapidly growing organisation, we always want motivated professionals to join us.  We focus on empl..Read More

Concessional contributions cap for 2013/14
01 Oct, 2013

Concessional contributions include: -employer contributions (including contributions made under a salary sacrifice arrangement) -personal contributions claimed as a tax deduction by a self-employed person. Financial years 2013 - 2014 $25,000 (up to age 60) $35,000 (Age 60+) Tax on amou..Read More

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